Welcome to the Official Clan Muirheid Site of North America. ?>

Welcome to the Official Clan Muirheid Site of North America.

The name Muirheid/Muirhead/Morehead is undoubtedly one of antiquity and the clan having lost its Chieftain long ago had been one of the most respected and powerful in the Highlands.

No Muirheid/Muirhead/Morehead, or persons of a related name, who was not brought up in Scotland itself should ever feel that because they are out of touch with the incredible riches of their clan heritage that they are in any way less a Muirheid/Muirhead/Morehead. The history is there, and for some the genes also. Whether the “heart and sprit is in the Highlands” or not, is a matter of understanding and of personal heritage style. What may be missing is that informed knowledge and lively practice of the culture of the Highlander. Well-found elements of that can be absorbed and passed on to the next generation so that it is once again a living heritage, although renewed for the present age.

The intent of this web site is to:

  • Provide information historical and present day of the Muirheid Clan
  • Provide Ancestry information to members
  • Place to blog in a secure setting with members
  • Access to resources and links such as
    • Books
    • Scottish Sites
    • Highland Games
    • Most importantly to connect with fellow clan’s man and women

Timothy E Morehead

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